9 Mar 2013

AoE - Started & recent coding projects

Dear readers,

I have begun on reading The Art of Exploitation, and I love reading every bit, while doing something pratical, as in follow in the book, and complete the exploits my self on the distro I have gotten from the book I bought.

I already love this book :) - and by that I mean, every page!
I wonder why I didn't start reading this earlier on.. but anyways, I will complete this book and will post some useful information regarding exploit development.

A little example of my first program I did examine memory in x86 architecture in my Linux Distro.
Simple program that looks up from the ASCII chart and prints to the screen "Hello".

Now back to reading! - although I got my 2'th semestre examination, I hope to still be able to follow through the process.

Lately I did complete coding a Recycling system, and now finished my job with making a simple bouncing ball game!

And the ball bouncing game as follows:

That's enough information for now.
I hope to make a new post soon enough with my new acknowledgement in exploit development! =)

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